Smart poles

•  Hi Definition Video Monitoring
In order to keep a course safe and ideal for play, having a surveillance system with which to monitor the course is all but a necessity when trying to insure the safety and quality of an area as big as a typical golf course. Various targets for security monitoring include the clubhouse, Pro-Shop, parking lot, bag drop area, key areas on the fairway or driving range, gatehouse, cart rental area and restroom facilities.

•  LED Outdoor Display 
This high quality display can be used in the parking lot, tee boxes and driving range for advertising, food and beverage, on course messaging, tournament scoring, hole and course layouts. 

•  On course Advertising 
With the outdoor LED display you can post any information you want. Or we can help you sell advertising and generate some extra return on investment on the Smart Pole.

• Food and Beverage Sales 
Display food and beverage messages at the turn on the LED display or other locations on the course. Do all you can do to get the golfers coming back into the clubhouse or prompting them to have on course purchases.

• Prevent Vandalism 
Catch the vandals in the act and let the SMART POLE be your 24-7 security guard. Look at the savings if you prevent even one act from happening.

• Smart Lighting
Don’t have lights on all day and night! Have smart lighting and have the lights come on with motion, day or night. You make the decisions as to when you want the lights to come on with our state of the art lighting fixtures.

• Weather Warnings 
Don’t do it old school anymore, time is critical to advise your golfers when there is bad weather. The ESI Smart Pole has broadcasting capabilities that could be heard from all four corners of the golf course property.

• Environmental Sensors
Having sensors on the course can give you so much valuable information for not only your customers but also for the maintenance crew.

• Electric Vehicle Charger 
Be one of those courses the golfer can play golf for 4 hours and also charge his car at the same time. Make it one more reason they want to play your course . You can even charge the golfer a nominal fee for revenue.

• Emergency Intercom 
When someone is having problems on the course you need to be able to communicate with them immediately. The Eternal Sun Smart Pole gives you that ability.